ResponsiveJS Library

Ranked among the highest in The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Commerce Solution Providers, Q4 2013 mobile web offering category, our lightweight ResponsiveJS library uses client-side adaption to transform your existing website into a responsive site without having to rebuild from scratch. By using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, the ResponsiveJS library provides a future-proof approach to creating your responsive design site. Simply insert a single line of JavaScript and place the ResponsiveJS library on your servers.

It works quickly and perfectly on all smartphones and tablets.

You own the entire solution. No external hosting is required, though we offer the option to manage your hosting for you. Your development team receives training on the ResponsiveJS library, turning them into responsive design experts.

ResponsiveJS Studio

Our ResponsiveJS Studio tool allows us to easily modify and test changes to your responsive site without making changes to the live site. Developers can modify JavaScript and CSS code in the editor window and see the site adapt to changes in real time.

Image Optimizer

The average webpage devotes 70% of its size to images.

Deliver a faster Responsive Design site through lighter images. Our tool crops and scales your images to optimize for mobile, tablet and desktop using the ResponsiveJS Image Optimizer. This easy to use image editor allows us to optimize images, then delivers code to be inserted into your website. The new code tells your site which image to serve based on breakpoint. Images are lighter and latency is reduced.

  • Unified Code Base: Reduce costs by maintaining across all devices from one code base
  • Single URL Solution: 20% SEO boost over an using redirects
  • Deeplinking Support: Seamless social and email link sharing
  • No back-end integration required: Lightweight and easy to manage

Have Flexibility With Your Mobile Experience

ResponsiveJS was designed to deliver the ultimate in mobile and tablet performance. Mobile is no longer a nascent channel. In a market that's dynamically shifting and evolving, having flexibility around your mobile experience is a strategic necessity. Our expert team will assist you with a full-service implementation, maintaining a deeply collaborative project approach while focusing on your goals and site performance.

1. Plan

Mobile users interact differently and must be catered to. Our UX experts collaborate with your team to prioritize content and design layouts that let users browse intuitively on any device.

2. Implement

Every website has its own challenges when making it responsive. Our developers can tailor the JavaScript to your site's unique requirements, set breakpoints for each device, and work with your team to ensure strategic alignment. If you aren't ready to host the JS library, we can secure hosting and manage it for you.

3. Test & Optimize

At Merkle, optimization doesn't end with ResponsiveJS. We continue to focus on improving the customer experience and conversion rates through world-class A/B testing, multi-variant testing, personalization, server-side optimization services.